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Monarc™ Subfascial Hammock

Since 2003, the Monarc™ Subfascial Hammock has been used as a minimally invasive treatment option for female stress urinary incontinence (SUI).

Features + Benefits


The MonarcTM Subfascial Hammock is the product of choice for many physicians, with more than 700,000 sold worldwide.1 It uses an “outside-in” approach that moves the needles away from obturator nerves and vessels.2



Features + Benefits

Features + Benefits

  • Time-tested ASTORA Mesh with patented adjustment suture allows for intra-operative sub-urethral adjustment while maintaining mesh integrity3
  • Patented centered helix facilitates reliable placement through obturator foramen


Three needle style options to accommodate patient anatomy or physician preference:


Standard MonarcTM Subfascial Hammock features a tight, centered helical needle passer for small, medium, or large patients

MonarcTM Subfacial Hammock+ features a wide, centered helical needle passer designed for larger patients

MonarcTM Subfascial Hammock C offers a needle passer for physicians who prefer the C shape



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The MonarcTM Subfascial Hammock has been proven to provide 90% clinical efficacy at 1 year,4 and 89% clinical efficacy at 6.5 years.5



As with any surgical procedure, inherent risks are present. Although rare, some of the most severe risks with sling procedures include infection, erosion, and vessel or urethra perforation. Some of the most common risks include urinary tract infections, urge symptoms, and urinary retention. Do not perform this procedure on pregnant patients.


Prior to using these devices, please review the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and potential adverse events. This document is written for professional medical audiences. Contact ASTORA for lay publications. ASTORA periodically updates product literature. If you have questions regarding the currency of this information please contact ASTORA.


Do not undergo this surgery if you are pregnant or know you have sensitivity or allergy to polypropylene mesh products. If you are planning future pregnancies, you should consult with your physician as you may again become incontinent as future pregnancies may make ineffective the effects of the surgical procedure.




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